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Translation Industry

I was Operations Director at Lingo24 from 2003-2011. I now work with small and medium sized translation companies, helping them to improve their operations.

I also advise businesses on how to integrate translation into their operations to grow international sales.


World of Quiz

I founded QuizQuizQuiz in 2003, the UK's largest provider of company quiz nights and quiz questions for mobile apps.

I've been on a range of TV quiz shows, including Countdown, The Weakest Link, and the first ever episode of Only Connect, as well as a brief stint as the "Pointless Friend" character on Challenge TV's Totally Top Trumps.



I'm a co-founder of what3words - a more accurate and more memorable way to share locations (and all sorts of other very clever stuff). I also co-foundedĀ Property Detective, an online tool that helps people make better decisions about where to move.

I'm always happy to compare notes with or give advice to fellow (budding/veteran) entrepreneurs on topics such as business strategy, fundraising, pitching, recruitment or boring (but important) company set-up stuff.


Running a Business

I've run a business with just a few home-working employees, and I've run a business with 150 full-time staff in 5 offices on 4 continents.

I particularly enjoy working with new managers to help them grow the skills to manage a happy and effective team, and I love creating processes (and using clever technology) to make everything more efficient.

I can probably help you find ways to run your business more effectively.