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I was Operations Director at Lingo24 from 2003-2011, helping to grow the company from 5 home-working employees to 150 full-time staff in 5 offices on 4 continents. During that time, turnover grew by 25%-35% a year.

My focus was on developing a management, operations, financial and technical infrastructure for the business to grow. I also helped to create the relaxed, fun, optimistic and professional culture which has made Lingo24 a happy place for the Lingo-ists all around the world.


I’m still very loosely involved in Lingo24 as a minority shareholder.  I still run the company’s (legendary) annual Sports Day Weekend, and I keep an eye on things as a regular client!

I’ve done some work with a small handful of other translation companies to help them improve their operations, both directly and by presenting at industry events, such as the ATC Annual Conference. I also enjoy advising businesses in other industries on how to use translation to grow their international sales (and how to integrate translation into their operations, how to select a translation provider, how to assess quality, etc.).


Try me – I’d love to help out if I can.  I’m a bit short of time for translation industry stuff at the moment (this section updated in 2014 – who knows when I’ll remember to update this page again…), but if you’re very keen I’m sure we can work something out! I may not be able to help everyone a lot, but I reckon I can help most people a bit, and some people a lot.

Any topics are fine, even stickier, trickier big strategic ones like Machine Translation…

I’m pretty good at replying to emails, so just get in touch.


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